Get together with friends and family and celebrate those important milestones. Whether it’s a birthday, family gatherings, anniversary or christening celebrations, get in touch and design an event with us that will have the whole family smiling for decades about that great party at The White Hart. From start to finish we create a package full of memorable moments, all able to be customised and suited to your needs.


When it’s time to do that difficult thing in life and say goodbye to a loved one, at The White Hart we pride ourselves on being there with you at your side. Making sure this important day goes right; not just for you but for those you have lost is paramount to us and our gentle, compassionate service will help you commemorate them with meaning and love. We have the perfect space for a wake of any size, whether for intimate gatherings or for larger groups, with two rooms available for hire. Our team here have the experience to guide you through this difficult process, and help you plan at a very difficult time. We will walk you through step by step ensuring that everything is perfect and commemorates in a personal way; with a variety of food options available, all of which are homemade as well as customisable it means that each wake we deliver is unique to the person of whose life we are remembering. Whether it’s a celebration of life, a gathering to mourn a loved one, or a place for reflection choose The White Hart.

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